Letters Congratulations to all blood donors

To the editor:

Congratulations to all that participated in the April 28 blood drive held at the Vermillion High School. We appreciate everything that was done to make the drive successful.

Emergencies happen every day, yet most donors respond only when they hear of a tragedy. There is a great need for blood donation 365 days a year. Hospital needs are increasing and we need to have volunteer donors step forward and help to keep an adequate blood supply on the shelf for the thousands of patients that rely on our blood system to sustain their health. Your blood donations make a life saving difference to the patients we serve in the area 27 hospitals.

Thirty-eight people registered to donate and 29 life-saving units were collected. There were also 15 new donors. Everyone should be recognized for his or her contribution.

Blood needs depend on each of us � those who donate and those who volunteer their time and energy. Thanks again, Vermillion High School students, staff and community members, for all your support with the blood drive.

Jessica K. Clark

Donor consultant

Siouxland Community Blood Bank

Sioux City, IA

Thank you to the Vermillion community

To the editor:

The Vermillion High School After-Prom Party was held Saturday evening, April 26. Many VHS juniors and seniors, along with their guests, attended the 2003 After-Prom Party held at the Coyote Student Center. This party was a success due to the hard work and generous contributions of many individuals, businesses and organizations.

We write this letter as an expression of our sincere gratitude to all who supported this event.

* Parents of VHS seniors and juniors who so willingly supported the After-Prom Committee throughout the year. Many cash donations were collected as well as supplies for the fund-raising events.

* Businesses and organizations that contributed funds, prizes, and supplies for the party and fund raisers.

* Community members who attended the fund-raising events.

* USD and the Coyote Student Center for the use of their facility for the party. The help and guidance of the CSC staff was truly appreciated.

* After-Prom Planning Committee members. Your work and dedication at the fund raisers and at the party itself are invaluable to the success of the event.

* The committee chairs for their many hours of hard work. These chairs ensured the success of the After-Prom Party by providing their tireless efforts throughout the year: Tom and Lauren Sand, Bob and Vicki Dehner, Gary and Sheila Prosser � Finance and Prize; Deb Larson � Treasure; Mark and Deb Nelson, Don and Nancy Scheidel � Activities; Don and Janet Beeman, Kim and Kelly Gilkyson � Decorations; Randy and Deb Mollet, Pat and Val Anderson � Registration and Video; Dennis and Mary Kay Zimmerman, George and Terry Roetman � Food; Bill and Cyndi Dendinger � Publicity; Keith and Gloria Brooks, Dave and Peggy Boots � Clean-up; and Mark Derby � Video.

* A special thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Cameron for their hard work and dedication to VHS and the After-Prom Party.

The community support was incredible. Without this support the After-Prom Party could never be a reality. We are proud to live in a community such as ours that cares for and supports our young people.


After-Prom General Chairs

Chuck and Noreen Stewart

Steve and Sheila Lambert

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