Local students earn scholarships

Local students earn scholarships Students at The University of South Dakota received scholarships at the 57th annual School of Business Recognition Banquet recently held on campus in Vermillion. Alumni and supporters of the School of Business generously provide the awards and scholarships.

"Except for graduation day, our faculty and students enjoy 'scholarship day' more than any other day of the year," said Michael Keller, dean of the School of Business. "On this day we present more than 200 scholarships worth in excess of $200,000 to our most deserving students. The recognition and financial help this brings can be seen on the faces of the recipients. The pride in our students and the alums that make the scholarships possible can be seen in the faces of the faculty. It is a great day that celebrates the fact that the Business School alums do in fact take care of the deserving students who are the future of our state."

Scholarship recipients from Vermillion are:

Jennifer Peterson, junior management major, daughter of Dale and Maryann Heobelheinrich, Thomson � McConnell Scholarship.

Sara Durkin, sophomore pre-business major, daughter of Harlan and Pat Durkin, June and Lyle Wagner Scholarship, Economic Development Fund Scholarship, and the Wayne N. and Margaret Austin Memorial Scholarship.

Jacy Henderson, senior management major, daughter of Jim and Teddi Henderson, Thomson � McConnell Scholarship.

Cullen Iverson, management major, son of Bob and Linda Iverson, Donald W. Beaty Scholarship.

Nicole Jansen, junior management major, daughter of Janet Jansen, Thomson � McConnell Scholarhip.

Todd Nelson, management major, son of Dale and Carolyn Nelson, John E. Hulse Business Scholarship.

Betsy Peterson, senior accounting major, wife of Rick Peterson, Kim K. and Linda G. Keller Scholarship.

Melissa Rydell, junior management major, A.A. Cotton Memorial Scholarship.

Chelsea Tripp, sophomore pre-business, daughter of Don and Judy Tripp, Economic Development Fund Scholarship.

Michelle Zimiga, sophomore management major, wife of James Zimiga, John E. Hulse Scholarship.

Douglas Hanson, a junior management major from Meckling, son of Calvin and Mary Hanson, received the Gene Iverson Family Scholarship and the Powell Family Scholarship.

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