Native American Premium Beef receives subfund money

Native American Premium Beef receives subfund money Native American Premium Beef, LLC, of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe, has received $180,000 from the Value-Added Ag Subfund to study the feasibility of marketing natural beef products and building a beef processing plant, Gov. Mike Rounds said.

"This is a real opportunity for Lower Brule Sioux Tribe cattleman to add value to their beef production operations," Rounds said. "If this project is found to be feasible, this could further enhance the local tribal economy through job creation."

Local producers and tribal leaders are working with consultants to determine industry trends and markets for natural beef products. The group will then take those results and focus on the feasibility of this type of project in South Dakota.

Rounds said he is excited that the local producers are taking the initiative on this project. "I have challenged people across the state to come to me with ideas for job creation and improving local economies. I commend Native American Premium Beef for doing just that," Rounds said.

The governor said that finding ways to add value to cattle in South Dakota is important.

"We are big beef producers in South Dakota. As of January, the state had 3.7 million head of beef cattle. Of those, typically 1.4 million of the beef cattle and most of the dairy heifers leave the state for feedlots and large scale dairies located in states to the south," he said.

The feasibility study is currently underway and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

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