Out of the Past

Out of the Past By presented by the Clay County Historical Society, Inc. Notice of Early Closing

The undersigned merchants hereby agree to close their businesses at seven o'clock every evening except Saturday evening. The public is requested to arrange to do their trading before that time.

T.R. Walker is having a large addition built to his residence on Forest Avenue.

Fritz Lass has added a brand new soda fountain to his bakery and restaurant, and promises to dish up something pretty nice in the way of soda water, ice cream sodas, etc., during the summer months.

Jos. Millage who is probably the oldest man in the state, was in the city yesterday enjoying the bright sunshine. If Mr. Millage lives until the 24th of next August he will be 98 years old, and he has every prospect of rounding out an even century.

The City Council met in adjourned session last Monday night and transacted some business. The Mayor's bond was accepted, bids for the construction of a fence around the city dumping ground was ordered advertised. Sidewalks were ordered on Main Street from Dakota Street to University Street and along Dakota and Clark streets. The walks along Main Street must be of either cement or bricks. These improvements are to be completed before the first of July.

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