Scholarships are available to Wakonda students

Scholarships are available to Wakonda students by Angelene Crissey College today is expensive, but scholarships are available for students seeking a higher education.

Local scholarships for the Wakonda area include:

1. Charles and Bonnie Steffen Scholarship: $250

2. Community Scholarship: $1,000 (First Premier Bank)

3. J.R. Mayer Memorial Scholarship: $375

4. National Service Scholarship Program (two): $1,000

5. Mae Vanderhule Memorial Scholarship: $250

6. Ophir Lodge #193 Drama Scholarship: $200

7. Ophir Lodge #193 Band Scholarship: $200

8. St. Patrick's Church- Knights of Columbus Scholarship: $300

9. Thomas A. Christensen Memorial Scholarship (two): $100

10. Wakonda Alumni Assn. Scholarship: $350

11. Wakonda Community Scholarship: Amounts vary each year.

12. Wakonda Education Assn. (W.E.A.) Scholarship: $500

13. Wakonda Heritage Manor-Avera Health Scholarship: $200

14. Justin Loen Memorial Scholarship: $200

15. Tom Steele Memorial Scholarship Program (Student Loan Finance Corporation): $1,000

For more information about the local scholarships, call the Wakonda School guidance counselor at 267-2644.

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