Senior Spotlight: Lindblom: Good stuff will always come back to you

Senior Spotlight: Lindblom: Good stuff will always come back to you by Kelly Alexander Jennifer Marie Lindblom, also known as J. Lo., was born Oct. 12, 1984, in Yankton, to Murray and Gene Lindblom. She has two siblings, twin brother John, 18, and Stacy, 25.

When Jennifer was young she dreamed of many things, such as becoming a country singer, a cop, an actress, a barrel racer, and even a bull rider. She hopes to pursue her dream of acting and says, "I'm going to be famous."

Jennifer can always be found with her friend Jeanie from Yankton or at home.

Jennifer has been involved in many activities, some of which include band, four years, volleyball, four years, 4-H, nine years, Youth Opportunity Program, four years, journalism, four years, and track manager, one year.

Jennifer's favorite movies are Desperado, Cowboy Up, 8 Seconds, The President's Man, and Urban Cowboy. Her favorite music to listen to is country and Elvis, and her idols are Lila McCann and Beverly Mitchell. As one may see, her interests include anything country.

Above all, she wishes she had been in the South Dakota High School Rodeo Association and will someday even marry a cowboy.

Jennifer's funniest memories are when she has her "blond moments," and is best known for saying, "God I'm such a blonde!" Her most embarrassing moment was when Rachel Bentaas pushed her at a volleyball pep rally in front of the school. To add to that, she said that the thing that bothers her most is when people sneak up behind her.

Jennifer has pulled some pranks of her own. One of which was pulled on Chris Rederick in math class when Chris said something that made her mad, so she pulled his chair right out from under him and he fell to the floor.

Jennifer Marie Lindblom has learned many things about life but most important would be to have no regrets, (and always listen to Mr. Muth).

She would like to say thank you to her friends for always believing in her, cheering her up when she was down, and for always being there to have fun. "Thanks guys!"

Also thank yous go out to Mr. Muth and Ms. White for always helping her when she needed the help.

"Life deals you all types of cards and you never know what's going to happen," she said. "I think if you're true to yourself and surround yourself with good people and always take care of the people close to you, the good stuff will always come back to you. It's easy to just be nice to people and have fun with your life ? enjoy it!"

Jennifer would like to leave Wakonda High School by saying, "People may doubt what you say, but they won't doubt what you do."

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