Senior Spotlight: Peterson advises not to let time pass you by

Senior Spotlight: Peterson advises not to let time pass you by by Heather Hessman Andrew Joseph Peterson was born Sept. 20, in 1985. When he was younger he wanted to be a fireman. His classmates and friends have nicknames for him and they are Andy, Big A, Uncle Ray Ray, Big Ray, and of course Andrew. You can find Andrew at home, the Caf�, or Derby's.

He is best known for saying "No I'm sorry Catie I don't have any gum." The most embarrassing moment was when he broke a desk in 10th grade geography class. His favorite movie is 8 Mile and his favorite kind of music is country. He was involved in band, chorus, student council, Peer Helpers, and Teens in Action.

His pet peeve is Catie. Things he tends to leave behind are his wallet, his sunglasses, and his mind. His funniest and greatest memory was when he made a "naughty" flyer picturing some of the staff. That was also the biggest prank he's ever pulled.

He says that he hasn't learned much about life except try hard and have fun trying. He wishes he would have had more fun and gotten better grades. He wants to say thank you to his parents and siblings. He wants to say thanks for everything. His last words are "Goodbye."

His advice to next year's senior class is, "have fun, party hard, and don't let the time pass you by. Would someone also keep an eye on Mr. H for me?"

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