St. Agnes youth plan fund raiser

St. Agnes youth plan fund raiser The St. Agnes Youth Group is having a French toast breakfast fund raiser, Sunday, May 18, from 9 to 11 a.m. This is an all-you-can-eat breakfast fund raiser for the St. Agnes Youth Group summer trip to Kansas City. Breakfast prices are, adults, $3; children $2; and under 6 free. For more information contact any St. Agnes CYO student or Ray Hofman at 624-6457.

by David Lias

Plain Talk Editor

Cleo Kosters knows Saturday's commencement at the DakotaDome will be a milestone for University of South Dakota students.

The ceremonies not only mark the end of the school year for these students. It also defines the time when most of the university's grads participate in an exodus from Vermillion to pursue careers.

Many students who haven't yet graduated will go home to work at summer jobs.

Sadly, Kosters said, many of them leave their pets behind.

"It's a time of celebration for students, but it's the beginning of a nightmare for pets abandoned in the city or on country roads," said Kosters, who, over the years, has adopted stray pets that have come to her door begging for food.

Kosters has helped spearhead a change in policy that she hopes will ease the problem.

Vermillion's Animal Control Department has declared an amnesty period � similar to times the city library drops its regular fees to get overdue books back.

The animal control department will waive the usual deposit fee for dogs, cats and other unwanted pets on May 9, and May 12 through May 14.

"A pet placed with them can find a new home and avoid days and weeks of starvation and terror trying to survive on their own," Kosters said. "Being chased down, snared, trapped or perhaps shot is also avoided."

People leaving Vermillion who don't want to take pets along with them may call Vermillion Animal Control, 677-7089, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

"If you need a pet, contact the same number to inquire about adopting one of the dogs or cats available," Kosters said.

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