USD business students depart for European tour

USD business students depart for European tour Eleven students from The University of South Dakota departed May 16 for a 26-day European business and economics study tour. The students are studying European economics under the instruction of Dr. Benno Wymar, a professor emeritus of economics and tour director for 32 years.

Students will begin the tour with a half-day of sightseeing in Amsterdam, including the world famous Rijks and Van Gogh Museums, followed by a trip to Vermillion�s sister city, Ratingen, Germany, where they will spend a week with host families. The group also will visit a Mercedes Benz plant and learn about the German social security system from government officials.

The tour also includes trips to Brussels and Paris. In Brussels, students will attend agricultural briefings at the American Soybean Association European Headquarters and the U.S. Mission to the European Union.

Tourism briefings are scheduled at the U.S. Embassies in Brussels and Paris to learn how Europeans are being encouraged to visit South Dakota.

While in Paris, the students will receive briefings at the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development, the International Energy Agency, the accounting firm KPMG and Cargill. Students will also be encouraged to visit the famous Louvre Museum and the Palaces of Louis XIV in Versailles.

Upon their return on June 9, students will be required to write a 16-page paper to detail what they learned in Europe and how it is relevant to South Dakota.

The students attending the study tour are Nathan DeVries and Heidi Kunstle of Corsica; Jolyn Parsons of Hurley; Kent Peterson, Katie McCormick and Lacey Weber of Salem; Lisa Wormsbecker of Tripp; Mark Papousek of Wall; Dana Fisher of Winner; Ali Magel of Sioux City, IA; and Melissa Spalla of Chatfield, MN.

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