USD Greeks offer volunteer services

USD Greeks offer volunteer services Nick Moser never claimed to be a master gardener. But that didn't stop this president of Lambda Chi at The University of South Dakota from picking up a shovel and digging a flower bed to aid the Vermillion

Beautiful Project as a volunteer.

He was one of 65 fraternity and sorority members who participated in the first all-Greek philanthropy day, held May 6 to commemorate the USD Greek Community's 100th year on campus.

Danielle Buechler, Greek Unity Council philanthropy chair, organized the event, which addressed needs in three separate areas: the Vermillion Public Library, the Prentis Park disc golf course and Vermillion Beautiful Project.

"Philanthropy is just one of the many positive aspects of Greek life," Buechler said. "It is so great to see the Greek community taking an active involvement in the Vermillion community."

Nearly 50 elementary school-aged children attended Kids' Day at the library. Greek volunteers read books, played Simon Says, did science experiments and ate ice cream that they had a chance to make with the kids.

Volunteers at Prentis Park painted signs and mapped the back nine holes of the disc golf course. They also picked up garbage and debris.

Vermillion Beautiful Project volunteers helped the Greek members prepare flower beds on Main Street and Cherry Street for spring planting.

"We all have our individual philanthropy projects, but this way we were able to benefit the community in which we live in a big way," said Maria Kappes, one of the philanthropy team leaders. "Each person gave a little, and in the end we all gave a lot."

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