VHS Booster Club beefs up weight room

VHS Booster Club beefs up weight room At the beginning of the second semester Principal Curt Cameron was approached by his guidance department and asked to teach an earlybird weight training and conditioning class to accommodate some seniors who needed a physical education credit to graduate. Cameron agreed under the condition that more than five students would have to sign up for the class. After second semester registration Cameron was informed that 35 students had signed up for the class.

Cameron's next step was to survey the equipment in the weight room. Cameron found only one olympic curl bar that was broken, and several weight machines that were in poor condition. Cameron looked for an outside source to help fund the badly needed make over.

The Vermillion High School Booster club stepped forward and donated $7000. The money donated helped to purchase (two) smiths machines, (three) olympic curl bars, (20) leg extension/curl benches, (one) peck deck, (one) vertical high knee raise, tons of olympic free weights, (two) stationary bikes, and numerous accessories.

With the support of the VHS Booster Club, Cameron can easily accommodate his 35 students. Cameron incorporates high and low impact training along with circuit training sessions. Cameron also pointed out that the class accommodates non-athletes as well as athletes.

Cameron said you can find anywhere from 25 to 35 non-athletes and athletes taking advantage of the facility after school.

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