Wakonda sixth-graders send packages to local servicemen

Wakonda sixth-graders send packages to local servicemen by Bethany Parvin Wakonda's sixth-grade class has been busy shipping packages overseas to some locally connected military people who are fighting for the freedom of Iraq.

"The kids have been following the war on T.V. and we've discussed it some in class. We just wanted to do something to show support for the soldiers," said Vicki Flynn, who teaches sixth grade at Wakonda.

The Wakonda sixth-grade class has been filling boxes with needed supplies, including raman noodles, hot chocolate mix, Twizzlers, soup and tuna cans with pop tops, Ziploc bags, razors and Starbursts.

The kids also took pictures to put into the boxes. The boxes are then shipped to named individuals. Flynn said with the terrorism scare the postal service requires a specific name of a soldier; no longer can you send it a any service person.

Robbie Ganschow, son of Doug and Pam Ganschow, will receive one of the care packages, as he serves in the Air Force. Zack Kizer, son of Terry and Valerie Kizer, will receive another, as he is in Kuwait as a Marine Corps weapons specialist. Terry Kizer, Zach's older brother, is also serving. He is on a ship with a guided missile system.

A few students also wrote letters to Stephen Davis, son of Betty and Gary Davis, and to Michael Kayl, son of Ruth and Doug Hessman. They are stateside at Ft. Sill, OK, where they received training in the National Guard. Steve Davis will be home May 8. Kayl will be home May 21 as he just graduated. They weren't allowed to receive packages. Other sixth graders wrote to their family members that are overseas.

The students seemed to have a fun time packaging their boxes. I am sure the men overseas will appreciate the food and pictures of familiar faces. It usually takes three to four weeks to get their mail. If you would like to write or send to these individuals, their addresses are:

Robert Ganschow, Dorm #2719

Box 331, East Arnold Ave.,

McGuire AFB, NJ 08641

LCPL Kizer Jacob Z USMC,

H&S Co _ Armory, UIC 39723

FPO AP 96613-9723

(Zach Kizer)

CLP Kizer, Box 34 AIMD,

USS Tarawa, FPO AP


(Terry Kizer)

HHS 1st Bn 147th FA

Battery C, ATTN: Spc. Michael

Kayl, 6322 NW Currie Rd,

Fort Sill, OK 73503-7971

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