WHS juniors above average on ACT tests

WHS juniors above average on ACT tests by Bethany Parvin Wakonda's 2003 juniors' ACT scores are back and very impressive. The Wakonda juniors average score is 22.5 which is higher than the state 21.4 average and the national average of 21.

ACT stands for American College Testing and is used mainly in the Midwest for college admission. It's also used in the eligibility for some scholarships. Students can register for the ACT by mail or online at www.act.org.

The ACT Test is available to take five times a year. It is recommended that you take the test your junior year in high school.

The juniors are allowed to take prep classes to prepare for the test. Many of this year's WHS juniors traveled to Mount Marty for their prep class, which is only offered before the April test. The prep class cost $25.

ACT isn't the only option that you could take for college admissions. If you were planning on attending a western or eastern school, then it is recommended that you take the SAT.

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