Antique tractors, collector cars will be offered at June 28 auction

Antique tractors, collector cars will be offered at June 28 auction Over 200 antique tractors will be offered at auction on June 27-28 at Girard Auction Facilities, Wakonda. The auction will start at 9:30 a.m. both days. This is the fifth year of this auction. Over 2,000 people from around the country are expected to attend this auction in the small town of Wakonda.

Interest in this auction has reached across the globe with several calls from England. Offered for sale will not only be antique tractors, but also collector cars and trucks, hit and miss engines, horse equipment, implements, parts, and "farm" antiques.

Part of Friday's auction will also include South Dakota's only auction that will be broadcast live on the Internet. Offered on the Internet auction will be farm toys, literature, signs, and memorabilia.

This "little" auction has turned into one of the largest antique tractor events in the Midwest. It is a great opportunity for collectors, historians, and people who just love to reminisce over old farm equipment.

Highlights for this year's auction include a John Deere 70 Hi-crop tractor, one of only 44 ever built and less than a dozen left, expected to bring in the $40,000 plus range. Also selling will be a English Built Fordson Hi-Crop Tractor, it is the only one known in the U.S. and only a hand full known in Europe, expected selling price is to be in the$ 415,000+ range.

Several classic autos will be featured at this year's auction, including a 1909 Sears Horseless carriage, 1912 Cadillac Roadster, and a custom built, eight-wheeled Octakar built in 1961 with a Hemi engine.

For more information about this auction, please contact Ken at (605) 267-2421 or 267-2922.

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