Centerville women to meet June 10

Centerville women to meet June 10 The Centerville Women's Midday Connection will meet at noon on Tuesday, June 10, at the Centerville Steakhouse. The women will continue to work on their "Favorite Recipe Project" and should bring their dessert recipes.

Kayla Nielsen of Wakonda, will present music. The special feature will be "clay pottery" by Marion Sorlien of Viborg. Come and enjoy a wonderful program.

The speaker will be Bonnie Neisess of Milford, IA. She helps operate a family entertainment center at Lake Okoboji. She has a unique way of using "teacups" to illustrate her "treasures in life."

Take a break from your "ordinary" routine and join the Midday Connections for a delicious noon meal and a fun and interesting program. Since a reservation is necessary please make one by calling Wilhelmina Jorgenson, 326-5562, MaryLou Thorson, 563-2678 or Lois Lounsbery, 763-5284 by June 7. See you there!

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