Council hears ‘hearty support’ of police

Council hears 'hearty support' of police by David Lias Rev. Bob Grossmann presented a letter signed by 17 Vermillion citizens expressing "hearty support" of the Vermillion Police Department's efforts to curb underage drinking by recently conducting beer sting operations.

"There can be absolutely no doubt that Vermillion has an underage drinking problem," the letter states, "and while sales to underage persons is not the only aspect of that problem, it certainly is an important part of it. One cannot live in the vicinity of the USD campus without running head-on into this problem, and it's about time some serious actions were taken to curb its severity."

The letter states that stings help control illegal sales much the same way that radar helps control speeding on highways.

"The idea that conducting stings on beverage establishments will not help is pure foolishness," the letter states. "Stings work on would-be illegal sales of alcohol beverages like radar does on would-be speeders. Stings tell the would-be sellers that they are not free to break the law, it's that simple."

The letter notes that radar doesn't have to catch all speeders to be effective.

"The likely possibility of getting caught is all that it takes to curb most would-be lawbreakers. In the same way, stings do not have to be conducted on all beverage establishments to serve notice on all of them that violation of the law will not be tolerated."

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