First-day results noted in Lewis & Clark Classic

First-day results noted in Lewis & Clark Classic by Jim Prosser The results of the first day of competition in the Clark Division had Carlisle Insulation-Omaha Bryan and Parkston Post 248 with 2-0 records, Vermillion Post #1, 1-1, South Sioux City and Lennox each 0-2. Bryan defeated Lennox 13-1, and Vermillion 11-0; Parkston defeated SSC 5-3, and Lennox 5-2; Vermillion topped SSC 11-3.

In the first game of the tourney, Post #1 had a comparatively easy time against SSC as they scored five first inning runs and helped Dan Holoch record his first win of the early season as he held off the opponents allowing three runs on four hits, four BBs and four Ks. Except for three errors in the field, which led to the three runs, Holoch was in total control of the situation. His team mates exploded with 12 hits and 11 runs to bring the game to an end after five innings.

Leading the offense was Kevin Bleil going three for four, a run and three RBIs. Kyle Mollet went two for three, scored two, drove in one; BJ Campbell was two for three, two runs, three RBIs; and Holoch aided the cause scoring twice on two for three hitting and one rbi.

The fifth and final game of the day belonged to Omaha Bryan as Marc Johnson made winning easy by allowing two hits in the five-inning 11-0 whitewash of Post #1.

Vermillion seemed to be a little intimidated as they committed six errors and three pitchers combined to hit seven batters (they also gave up five walks.) Mollet had the two hits.

Line scores: Bryan � 11 runs, 4 hits, 1 error, 10 lob; Post #1 � 0 runs, 2 hits, 6 errors, 5 lob.

Note: Lewis division first day standings: Papillion 2-0; Spearfish 2-0; Norfolk 1-1; Yankton 0-2; and Valley Springs 0-2.

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