Gas prices up slightly

Gas prices up slightly The nationwide average price of self-serve regular gasoline is up just 1.1 cents since mid-May to $1.514 per gallon, AAA's daily online Fuel Gauge Report shows.

The slight increase in the nationwide average price masks widely different price changes in the carious regions of the country this summer, AAA said. Prices are up considerably in many markets of the Great Lakes and Midwest, while prices are fairly stable or lower in many areas of the Northeast and the West Coast compared to May.

AAA said summer gasoline prices are more subject to regional influences during the summer, including the mandatory use of different cleaner-burning fuels in many areas.

AAA's Fuel Gauge report indicates the current statewide average price of gasoline in South Dakota is at $1.538, up about 3.5 cents from last month's survey. The current Sioux Falls average is about $1.51 and Rapid City's average is higher at about $1.58 per gallon.

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