Hooks and Shots

Hooks and Shots by Sharla Garrett On upper Lake Oahe, walleye fishing is real good near Pollock at Jones Bay and Meyer Bay. Limits are being taken in 8 to 25 foot using live bait with spinners and Lindy rigs.

Near Mobridge, walleye fishing is good north of the bridges. Anglers are using live bait with bottom bouncers, spinners, jigs or Lindy rigs in 10 to 25 foot. At Akaska, walleye fishing is real good from Walth Bay to Dodge Draw. Limits are being taken using the same presentations in 20 to 30 foot.

Near Gettysburg, walleye fishing is good in the entire area and especially Stove Creek. The same presentations are working in 15 to 40 foot.

On lower Lake Oahe, the walleye bite is good from Bush's Landing to Sutton Bay. Anglers are using live bait with bottom bouncers or jigs in 4 to 20 foot. The Cheyenne River to the face of the dam is a fair to good bite using the same presentations. There are plenty of white bass and catfish being caught but salmon are slow.

On Lake Sharpe, the walleye bite is good from the bridges down to West Bend in 6 to 12 foot using live bait and bottom bouncers or jigs. A lot of fish are being caught and you will need to sort but anglers are catching limits.

Near Chamberlain, walleye fishing is real good south near Carpenter Bluff and White River and north on Lake Sharpe. Anglers are catching a lot of 17 to 18 inch fish and are using chartreuse spinners with minnows in 10 to 12 foot. In the Platte area, anglers are catching limits of walleye near Red Rock and Landing Creek using live bait and trolling with bottom bouncers.

In the Pickstown area, fishing has been good for walleye at North Scalp Creek, Pease Creek, North Wheeler and Whetstone Bay areas and north. Fish are being caught using spinners with crawlers or minnows in 10 to 20 foot.

Near Yankton, walleye are being caught on Lake Yankton and near the "bubble" on rubber worms and minnows. Big catfish are being caught on Lake Yankton and the James River using stink bait and crawlers. Smallmouth bass are biting at the "bubble" on rapalas.

The Department of Game, Fish and Parks plans to maintain boat ramp access all along the Missouri River during the fishing season. To obtain up to date information on the status of conditions of the Missouri River boat ramp sites, visit the GFP Web site at www.state.sd.us/gfp/boating/rampconditions.htm. The information can also be found on South Dakota Tourism's home page at www.travelsd.com.

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