Johnson to host economic development day

Johnson to host economic development day Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) announced June 17 that Erik Nelson, staff assistant in his Sioux Falls office, will hold an outreach day in Clay County on Tuesday, July 15. He will visit with city officials and drop by local businesses and schools.

"Economic Development Days help me assess the resources available in local communities, as well as identify potential areas of growth and long-term development," Johnson said. "Each county faces unique challenges and opportunities for growth. Looking at local trends helps me focus on the things I can do in Washington to better serve the Main Street business communities of South Dakota."

Local residents who want to set up an appointment with Nelson can call 1-800-537-0025. Johnson encourages active participation in local and federal government and said that South Dakotans should always feel free to call, write or visit his service offices in Aberdeen, Sioux Falls, Rapid City or Washington, DC to share their concerns. South Dakotans may also e-mail Johnson's office at

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