Parks & Rec girls softball

Parks & Rec girls softball Games on Tuesday, June 10: 16U � Community First Bank lost to Viborg, 9-0 and 15 -3.

14U � Vermillion Beauty Shop defeated EPJ twice 16-14 and 14-3. 1st Dakota Bank (with only seven players) lost two to Gayville-Volin 11-12 and 13-23.

12U � Cortrust defeated Houska Dental twice 10-7 and 13-3.

Games on Thursday June 12:

18U � Dairy Queen scores not available

16U � Community First lost twice to Canton Heat 11-5 and 14-1.

14U � Vermillion Beauty Shop won twice over Centerville 16-4 and 12-1. 1st Dakota had two losses to Dakota Valley 11-7 & 11- 6.

12U � Cortrust lost to Yankton Fury twice 10-11 and 6-12. Houska Dental had a bye.

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