The Bluffs hosts 2003 Senior Open

The Bluffs hosts 2003 Senior Open by Jim Prosser Weather conditions were favorable – winds at 15 to 20 mph, and temps in the low 80s – so the Senior Tournament was on as golfers from all points of the compass converged on The Bluffs on June 17.

From Omaha to Huron and western Iowa to central South Dakota, enthusiasts of the game came as a contingent of senior golfers. Flighted by age only, groups of 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-75, and 76+ were assigned and then flighted after the final scores were recorded.

After the 18 hole tourney was completed, there was a buffet luncheon while the pro shop workers awarded pin prizes of a dozen golf balls each to Ross Johnson, Ken Lubbers, Mel Marcotte, Mike Keeley, and Denny Blankenburg and also prepared The Bluffs prize certificates for the winners, determined by the results:

Note: In the case of ties, places were determined using the the scorecard handicap hole routine, marked with a *.

50-54 group

First, A.J. James, 75

Second, Jim Anderson, 77

Third, Ron Mraz, 81

Fourth, Jim Nelson, 81*

55-59 group

Flight 1

First, Jim Sorensen, 70

Second, Doug Goosman, 72

Third, Randy Fletcher, 72*

Fourth, Joe Acero, 74

Fifth, Chuck Mohr, 77

Flight 2

First, Harlan Durkin, 84

Second, David Gorsett, 84*

Third, Ron Nelson, 92

Fourth, Gary Hohenthaner, 92*

Fifth, Mike Keeley, 93

60-64 group

Flight 1

First, Denny Blankenberg, 74

Second, Keith Welcher, 75

Third, Dennis Krom, 77

Fourth, Ken Lubbers, 78

Fifth, Rollie Wright, 78*

Flight 2

First, Jim Ward, 84

Second, Harlan Schott, 85

Third, Wayne Bruning, 86

Fourth, Pete Berglund, 86*

Fifth, Roy Porter, 88

65-69 group

Flight 1

First, Bill Redd, 75

Second, Jim Lubsen, 76

Third, Jerry Sommervold, 76*

Fourth, Jerry Eisbach, 76*

Flight 2

First, Ray Johnson, 85

Second, Sid Davis, 85*

Third, Jack Huisenga, 88

Fourth, Ron Johnson, 89

70-75 group

Flight 1

First, Doc Williams, 75

Second, Alan Clem, 79

Third, Jack Warden, 80

Fourth, Max Hawk, 82

Flight 2

First, Chuck Campbell, 93

Second, Mel Marcotte, 93*

Third, Ken Beringer, 93*

Fourth, Don Baer, 96

76+ group

Flight 1

First, Gordon Ellis, 75

Second, Ross Johnson, 80

Third, Mo Marcotte, 80*

Fourth, Joel Bard, 85

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