Vermillion wins 10-4

Vermillion wins 10-4 The teams of Vermillion First National Bank and Yankton Cubs in the Babe Ruth league faced off at Sertoma Park on Thursday, June 12.

The third game of the season brought the record for FNB to 3 -0. The duo of Jordan Boots and Jordan Merrigan shared the pitching duties, each going three innings with one hit surrendered by each.

Boots was the winner in his one K, three BBs stint as Merrigan registered three Ks and five BBs for the save.

Line scores: FNB � 10 runs, 7 hits, 1 error; Cubs � 4 runs, 2 hits, 1 error.

Hitting leaders were: Gabe Verboski, Alex Schaack, and Nick Rasmussen each with a double. Tyler Thedorff had two singles; Boots and Pat Gregg each recorded a single.

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