Vermillion woman is oldest South Dakotan

Vermillion woman is oldest South Dakotan South Dakota Health Care Foundation is in search of the 2003 Centenarian of the Year. In order to qualify for this honorable recognition, your birth date must be before April 22, 1896.

The Century Clubsm is open to everyone in the state of South Dakota upon reaching his or her 100th birthday. There are no dues and every inductee receives a specially designed, framed certificate and membership card. The Century Clubsm currently has 545 members. A celebration event is held and the current eldest living Century Clubsm member is crowned "Centenarian of the Year."

According to Century Clubsm records, Mabel B. Jorgensen, Vermillion, born April 22, 1896, is currently the eldest living South Dakotan. She just celebrated her 107th birthday.

If you know someone in your community that would qualify for the Centenarian of the Year or you want an application to induct someone in to the Century Clubsm, please contact LuAnn Severson, Century Clubsm coordinator, South Dakota Health Care Foundation at 1-800-952-3052 or write: Century Clubsm , South Dakota Health Care Foundation, 804 N. Western Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57104.

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