Wakonda pool renovation completed

Wakonda pool renovation completed by Erin Spurrell The Wakonda Pool has completed their renovation projects as the pool opens this summer. "The Wakonda Pool renovations over the years has been accomplished according to what the community has set out to do," said Celia Peterson, Wakonda's finance officer. The projects that were completed include the following: a filter, new pumps, pipes that were badly needed, new and widened sidewalks, new fencing, paint touch-ups, and complete modernization of the bath house. The brick siding was replaced with clean white walls; they even made the bath house bathrooms accessible to the public, including making the whole place handicapped accessible.

Over the past three years the town has been very supportive of the pool; with tremendous help also coming from the Irene and Gayville-Volin communities.

Another benefit of the Wakonda pool includes the availability of swimming lessons which have been offered for many years. The instructor this year is Ashley Logue, so contact her if you have any other questions about swimming lessons. There are seven levels for swimming lessons and the cost is $15 per/child.

Campsites are still free for space and electrical usage needs until the demand becomes greater for camp spots. To reserve space, just contact either Mike Bohlmann or Celia Peterson. Bathrooms are usually locked during the night, yet a key could be given to the campers if needed.

The pool has been a great asset to Wakonda and other communities, and we expect it to be a benefit for many more years.

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