Aluminum can receptacle now in place in Wakonda

Aluminum can receptacle now in place in Wakonda You can now bring your aluminum cans to an enclosure in the lot next to the Senior Citizens Center.

Please bring your cans in plastic bags and there is access to the storage area from either the main street sidewalk or the alley.

The Community Club has made this project possible and all proceeds will be used for town or school support. Through the years, many town projects and numerous school activities have been and will continue to be supported by the club.

Athletic Schedules

The schedules for all of the Wakonda school sports are now at the printer. The wallet-sized schedules, sponsored by the Community Club, should be ready early in August.

First Football Game

The first football game for the 2003 season for the new Wakonda-Irene Eagles will be Sept. 5 at Wakonda. They will be playing Viborg.

It is parent's night and it will also be our tailgate supper. So mark your calendars and plan to attend and support the team.

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