Chili cook-off set Sept. 6

Chili cook-off set Sept. 6 Everyone has a secret recipe for chili, whether it's five-alarm or not.

Although local fire fighters will not be on call to attend to taste-bud scorching, the Irene Community Club will sponsor a chili cook-off Saturday, Sept. 6 as part of its second annual Harvest Fest.

To enter, contestants must pay a $15 entry fee and furnish at least two gallons of chili for public tasting.

All recipes must be prepared on site; no pre-prep is allowed.

Those interested in sampling the saucy stews may buy taster tickets for 50 cents for each serving.

First, second and third place winners will receive awards for their winning concoctions.

A second contest will be held for the best salsa entry.

Salsa will be brought to the judges no later than 3 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 6 for judging. The entry fee is $5 and the winner(s) will receive awards(s).

Awards will also be given for the "best booth" and the "People's choice chili."

The Chili Cook-Off Competition begins at 11 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 6 at the Irene North Park.

For more information and official entry form contact Lyn Nielson at The Tri County News, 303 West Main Street, Irene, SD, or call 263-3339.

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