Club meeting well attended; agenda includes coming events

Club meeting well attended; agenda includes coming events A busy agenda greeted the larger than usual group that gathered for the Community Club meeting held on July 2.

Good reports on the city wide rummage sale were received. The event worked out very well with the large number of people in town for the Girard Auction sale. The event, which was sponsored by the club, was advertised on the radio.

In formal action, the club voted to purchase a chain link-type enclosure to receive recyclable aluminum cans. The money received from the sale of those cans will be used to promote and support Wakonda endeavors.

It was noted that Erin Spurrell is now the Times correspondent. Please contact her with information for our paper.

Larry Johnke, superintendent of the Wakonda School, informed us that Sept. 5 will be our first home football game. That will be our tailgate supper. It is also parents night. A volunteer committee was enlisted for the supper.

Sheryl Smith, administrator at Heritage Manor, introduced Marcie Nelson who is the new director of nursing.

The Cornstock in the Park Aug. 9 event was discussed and the club supports it in every way possible. Many fine park/pool improvements have been made because of their efforts. The club adjourned after deciding to skip the August meeting. Next scheduled meeting will be Sept. 3.

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