Daschle staff attends ’03 Clay County Fair

Daschle staff attends '03 Clay County Fair Senator Tom Daschle sent members of his staff to the Clay County Fair July 18 and 19 to hear from citizens about unique health care challenges facing area families.

Daschle will use the information gathered at the events to help him work for solutions that are specifically tailored for South Dakota.

"It's clear that our state's families are facing challenges when it comes to health care," Daschle said. "The more I can learn about the specific challenges facing South Dakotans, the more effective I can be in crafting specific solutions in the United States Senate."

Daschle cited his work to provide health care for National Guard members and their families as an example of how discussions with South Dakotans help him identify problems and develop solutions. The Senate recently passed Senator Daschle's legislation to provide access to TRICARE � the military health care system � to all Guard members and their families.

According to a report from the General Accounting Office, 20 percent of all Guard members do not have health insurance, and 40 percent of Guard members ages 19 to 35 lack overage. Prior to passing the legislation, Daschle met with Guard families at the National Guard Armory in Mitchell, who told him that access to health care was one of their top concerns.

"By listening to South Dakotans, I can write legislation that addresses the unique challenges facing our state's families," Daschle said.

"We know that quality, affordable health care is getting harder to come by. We know that prescription medicine costs are too high for too many SOuth Dakotans. We also know, however, that working together, we can solve these problems."

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