East River deer season finalized

East River deer season finalized In an attempt to harvest more antlerless deer and reduce high deer populations, South Dakota's East River deer season will have an extended, one-week antlerless season that will run Dec. 1-7 and another season that will run from Jan. 1-11.

"After the regular East River deer season ends (Nov. 30), all unsold and unused East River deer buck tags ("any deer," "any whitetail deer" and "any mule deer") will change to antlerless licenses and become valid for these extended seasons," said Regional Wildlife Manager Ron Schauer of Sioux Falls. "The only exception is that the East River special buck licenses do not convert and will not be valid during the Dec. or Jan. antlerless deer season extensions. East River deer licenses will be valid on all lands."

Northern and western East River deer units will be open Nov. 15-30, and southeastern East River units will be open Nov. 22-30 for all license types.

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