Gov. Rounds announces new permitting system

Gov. Rounds announces new permitting system Gov. Mike Rounds has announced a new system to change the way operators obtain permits for oversize and overweight vehicles.

The new South Dakota Automated Permitting System (SDAPS) is completely automated, streamlining the process and improving safety on South Dakota's highways.

"The new system is a perfect example of how technology and a good idea can significantly impact the way people do business in South Dakota," Gov. Rounds said. "With this system, truck drivers can get permits in a matter of minutes and pay for them using major credit cards. At the same time the system protects the state's highways and bridges, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved."

When a permit application is submitted, SDAPS analyzes the size and weight of a truck. It then issues a permit complete with a detailed route designed so the driver can avoid road construction, low bridges and areas with weight restrictions. Under the old system, this process could take up to several hours to complete. Now it's done with a click of a button.

The idea for SDAPS was born two years ago when the S.D. Department of Transportation (SDDOT) authorized a research project with the goal of streamlining the permitting process. The department wanted to find a way for highway patrol officers and inspectors to spend more time on enforcement and safety inspections and less time processing paperwork. Today, South Dakota has one of the most advanced systems in the country.

"This system places South Dakota at the forefront of permitting automation," Gov. Rounds said. "We are now able to issue permits more efficiently, but that's only the beginning. Within the next few weeks, we'll make this available on the Internet so motor carriers across the country can issue nearly any permit themselves for travel in South Dakota."

SDDOT had several partners involved in developing the SDAPS. They include S.D. Highway Patrol, Department of Public Safety, S.D. Department of Revenue, Public Utilities Commission, Bureau of Information Telecommunications, S.D. Trucking Association, S.D. Association of Counties, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and C.W. Beilfuss and Associates, Inc.

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