Letters Vermillion has wonderful firefighters

To the editor:

On Monday, July 7, our house was hit by lightning and a fire began. 9-1-1 was called and Vermillion Fire Department quickly responded and put it out.

I learned first hand that day what a wonderful fire department we have here in Vermillion. As I understand it, they are all volunteers, also. They not only put the fire out, but worked hard to keep the water damage at a minimum.

They even used water bottles to douse hot spots where the hose wouldn't fit (the fire was in our attic). They could have just sprayed it all down with the hose but then an even greater amount of repair work would have to be done.

We can not thank them enough for their hard work and consideration. We, in Vermillion, are very fortunate to have such an outstanding group of men watching out for our well-being and our homes.

We hope that you never need their assistance, but if you do, know that they are very capable and that you are in good hands!

Thank you, Vermillion Fire Department.

Max and Paddy Rosdail


The Bluffs course is wonderful

To the editor:

Last month, we participated in the South Dakota Golf Association State Husband/Wife Tournament held at The Bluffs Golf Course in Vermillion.

Our experience was wonderful. Kirk Hogen and his staff, including Rusty Jensen and Eric Stevens, did an outstanding job hosting this golf tournament.

The Jamaican-style banquet Saturday night was very enjoyable. Superintendent Mark Clark and Assistant Kelly Knutson prepared this course very well for the tournament.

The residents of Vermillion can be proud to have a wonderful golf facility operated by friendly competent staff that made for a great golf experience!

Bert and Cindy Olson

Sioux Falls

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