Letters Special interests cause food scare

I thought your lead story about GMO crops was right out of the New York Times. There is no debate from anyone in the scientific community that the U.S. has the safest food supply of any country in any time in history. There is also no debate that the Center for Science in the Public Interest is funded largely by a natural foods company in New York that has a vested interest in keeping you scared of regular food.

That's right, making you scared of Alar in apples, growth promotants in livestock, etc. is big business for companies that want you to pay more for your food. Even the European scientific community has largely recognized that the GMO scare is probably being used as a trade tool to keep U.S. crops out of specific markets.

Tragically most people make decisions based on emotion instead of researching the facts; but the fact is transgenic crops can help feed a hungry world for a lower cost and the sooner we stop believing Greenpeace and start appreciating their potential, the better off we will be.

Jim Petrik


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