Letters Thanks for extraordinary show

To the editor:

I would like to take a moment to tell all of those involved in Robin Hood; Spirit of the Green how much I appreciate all the work and time you put in to making the show a huge triumph. Your commitment to quality shone through, from the moment the curtain went up to the superb end number (which gave me a delightful case of goose bumps!).

My daughter was one of the Gisbourne guards, and she thoroughly enjoyed the complete experience of being part of a wonderful cast. I was in attendance for all four performances, and am fully aware of the unflagging commitment of all members of the cast and crew to making this production one of excellence. There were many areas in which shortcuts could have been taken, but instead the cast and crew demanded more of themselves.

This dedication was clearly evident in each performance, and made this play an astounding success. Greedy dancing nuns, a live donkey on stage, authentic monk's shaved heads, a wonderfully over the top Prince John and an utterly evil villain all played a part in making this account of the well loved tale a charming adaption.

Making the decision to create an absolutely original presentation, complete with original music, was a brave one. Also amazing was the choice to cast each and every person who tried out for a role. No one was cut; any person, young or old, who wanted to be a part of this production was included. Dan Miller, Steve Miller, Anthony Burbach and George Schlenker and indeed every member of the production team are to be commended.

Now that the play has finished its fantastic run, I am sure that many people in the Vermillion area have found themselves with a strange and empty feeling, as they have lost a part of themselves. The cast became like family, and that amazing and rare feeling of harmony was magically transferred to the audience during each performance.

It is important to note that each person who contributed in some way to this production made it a success. Whether the most visible lead role, the smallest Lord or Lady, the indispensible stage hands or the countless individuals who worked behind the scenes, all played a vital role in breathing life into this play.

The costumes were tremendous, the choreography brought a smile to my face and the live musical numbers were genuinely unforgettable. I still go about my day humming, "In the Green, in the spirit of the Green, there is nothing there to bind me ?"

From the bottom of our hearts, Rozzie and our whole family thank you � the cast and the crew, for all your faithfulness and devotion to the production of Robin Hood, to the arts and to the community of Vermillion.


Lynn LaMie


Police procedures lack common sense

To the editor:

I grew up in Vermillion and owned and operated a couple of businesses for 16 years and I get a real charge out of what is transpiring with our new law enforcement commander.

Back in the early '70s when I was in high school, our night duty police officers consisted of Mr. Steenholt, Stanley Larson and a young officer, Al Hoff. These three men were well respected by college students and also with high school students. The reason they earned our respect was not because they were forceful, but because they used great common sense in dealing with kids and adults.

Now we have on staff 17 city officers, seven sheriff officers and 12 USD officers, for a total of 36. My belief is this is a little over kill for serve and protect.

The difference in law enforcement over the years went to policy and procedures and the absence of common sense.

I and everyone agree that we need law and order, but laws are not as easy as black and white, there is what you call a gray area, and that gray area is called common sense. It does not make much common sense to play hide and seek with the Vermillion merchants who collect taxes and pay for our police chief's exuberant salary.

With what is going on in the world right now, we have 18-, 19-, 20-year-old kids giving their lives for our freedom in Iraq, but in Vermillion, South Dakota, we are worried about that 20-year-old buying a six pack of beer. Back to that old common sense again.

Believe it or not we got along just fine for the last 40 years in Vermillion without a fire breathing police chief and after he gets his resum� built up and leaves us, we will get along fine again.

I for one really like Vermillion as a community and a great place to raise children. My word of advice for anyone using Vermillion for resum� building, and do not care for our city, don't fix it, just leave it!

Oh yes, prohibition didn't work in the '30s and it sure won't work now!

Kim Gilkyson


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