Letters Historical society expresses thanks

To the editor:

The Clay County Historical Society would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who made our 2003 Ice Cream Social fund raiser a huge success. The weather was great the food was delicious and we all enjoyed the company of friends and family.

We are so thankful that so many members of our community unselfishly donate their time, talents and money to help us. A successful social starts months in advance and includes close to a hundred people that will help set up tables, bake pies, wash dishes, deliver signs, make phone calls, donate supplies and the list goes on and on.

We thank each and every one of you. To the community, we thank you for your continued support of our social. You can be proud of the fact that your support goes to such a worthy cause. It is so important that we preserve the history of Clay County and The Austin Whittemore House.

We look forward to seeing all of you next year.

Maureen Goddard

CCHS President


Thief steals away memories

To the editor:

We all work hard in our yards every year. We would like Vermillion to be a town we can all be proud of.

It helps keep Vermillion beautiful and I enjoy the yard work.

So we start every year by buying flowers, putting them out, keeping the grass mowed, the plants watered and so on.

Well, this year I did just that. And for all my efforts I had someone come in to my yard and steal my hen and rooster, three large lady bugs, an iron cat, a number of concrete birds, a church birdhouse, and a large iron frog.

I want whoever did this to know where these objects came from. The hen and rooster were a gift from my husband; they came from Maryland. The church birdhouse was a homemade gift from my father-in-law just before his death. The cat and lady bugs were a gift from my mother and father who are both gone now. The frog was my mother's day gift this year.

You didn't take valuable items, just my memories. So when you look at these items remember where you got them.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. And remember, "what goes around comes around."


Gerri Dooley


Theft at graves heartbreaking

To the editor:

I buried my husband in the Vermillion Cemetery a little over a year ago and last Memorial Day a dear friend of mine gave me an angel windmill to put on his grave so the angel could watch over him.

I put it on there and it meant a lot to me. I went out there a few days ago to visit the grave which I do a lot and the angel was gone. There was also one on another dear friend of mine and her's was gone also.

I hope whoever took those two angels are getting comfort from them. It breaks my heart to think we have people in town who could do things like that.

Connie Waage,


City doesn't enforce leash law

To the editor:

I am writing in regards to Beth M. Johnson's letter in the May 30 issue of the Plain Talk.

Beth, I approached the city council a few years back about this matter and they refused to pass an ordinance. I was told there is a policy written but not passed.

I guess at that time everyone had dogs. I had asked them if they would like dogs to leave their deposits on the new golf course. No one answered me.

There is a leash law. The ordinance states the dog has to be on a leash or controlled. Well, my daughter walked around the block, and was bitten by the neighbor's dog that was not leashed or controlled.

This is 2003 and still nothing done.

Lois J. Getzin


Daschle welcomes local feedback

To the editor:

I want to publicly acknowledge the residents of Wakonda and Vermillion who took time to meet with Stephanie Devitt of my staff during her recent visit to the area. I appreciated the comments and thoughts that were shared with her.

The economy and rising cost of health care are two weighty concerns for people in Clay County and throughout South Dakota. Stephanie relayed the stories she heard regarding skyrocketing insurance premiums and the economic hardships that they often create.

Based on those concerns, I want to share some information on my efforts to effectively deal with these major issues. First, I have worked with a bi-partisan group of senators to pass the Child Tax Credit, which was unfortunately removed from the recent tax cut. Without this legislation, 24,000 children in South Dakota would not benefit from recently signed "economic stimulus" legislations. The Child Tax Credit has passed the Senate and is awaiting action in the House.

Additionally, I recently introduced legislation designed to improve the quality of health care and expand access to health coverage. The Health Care Coverage expansion and Quality Improvement Act of 2003 would expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program to include groups that are not currently eligible. It would also provide a tax credit to small business owners in order to help them with the cost of providing employees with health coverage.

I would encourage people to share any additional thoughts. Please note that, due to the anthrax attacks on Congress, all mail to my state offices is routed through Washington. People needing assistance should call 334-9596, e-mail (tom_daschle@daschle.senate.com) or fax (605/334-2591). For more information, visit my Web site (http://www.senate.gov/ ~daschle).

With best wishes, I am


Tom Daschle

United States Senate

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