Post #1′s season record rebounds at Harrisburg

Post #1's season record rebounds at Harrisburg by Jim Prosser The coach at Harrisburg likes to use a combination of baseball rules from high school and Legion rule books. As such, he chooses to have his entire roster of players in the batting line up.

It makes for a surprising statistical result and a need for shortened five inning contests. The double header at the Harrisburg Tigers' field was played on Tuesday, July 1.

Post #1's pitcher was Dan Holoch who went four innings giving up three runs on six hits, registering eight Ks and three walks in the first game. Jason Donald finished the game surrendering two unearned runs on two hits with two Ks and two BBs.

Line score: Post #1 � 10 runs, 10 hits, 4 errors, 4 lob; Tigers � 5 runs, 8 hits, 1 error, 8 lob. Holoch was credited with the win.

Vermillion's offense was led by B.J. Campbell who went three for three, scoring three runs and three RBIs from his lead-off spot. DH Drew Lawrence was two for two and two runs scored. Jared Burcham � one for two, one run; Collin Prosser and Ben Oberle each were one for three with one run and one rbi. Kyle Mollet earned one run and one rbi while Holoch was one for two with one rbi.

The second game's Post #1 pitcher was a familiar sight as Jason Donald continued his assignment with a shut out in the five-inning stint. He had a no hitter through 3 2/3 innings, then gave up three hits in the final 1 1/3. His winning effort gives him a 2-0 season record, coming off a foot injury.

With 12 batters in the line up the stats were scattered around in the entire roster.

Line score: Tigers � 0 runs, 3 hits, 3 error, 3 lob; Post #1 � 8 runs, 9 hits, 0 err, 7 lob

Dan Holoch scored twice on one for two hitting, and one rbi; Drew Lawrence went two for two with one run; Eric Rickord was one for three with two RBIs; B.J. Campbell � one run on one for two at bats; Kyle Mollet � one for three, one rbi; and Ben Oberle had an rbi on two for two hitting. Jared Burcham, Alan Bos, Max Swanson, and Ryan Mockler each scored a run.

The season record rebounded to 10 wins, 14 losses.

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