Taking a cue Husbys aim to please all ages

Taking a cue Husbys aim to please all ages Russ and Bob Husby by Maya Ristic Forget the common image of a pool hall – the clouds of blue tobacco smoke, the alcohol, the place that your mother always told you to avoid when you were a kid.

Bob Husby and his brother Russ have created a place in Vermillion especially designed for the community's younger generation � and older folks, too.

It's a place row upon row of professional billiard tables. But it would be highly inaccurate to simply call the Husbys' new business a pool hall.

They just want people to have fun. So they opened Cosmoz Family Fun Center, located on Plum Street in the building that once housed On-Cue.

The Husbys describe their new venture as a non-alcohol, and non-smoking game environment for families and kids of all ages.

The Husbys are natives of Vermillion, and they know that there's never really been a business quite like theirs in the community.

"We wanted to provide something that Vermillion has never had," Russ Husby said.

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a needed niche in Vermillion. The Siouxland Economic Development Corporation provided support as the brothers applied for Small Business Administration funding.

The brothers, so far, have invested from $40,000 to $50,000 of their own money into the business, and received a SBA loan.

Younger adults, especially students attending The University of South Dakota, often have difficulty finding things to do in Vermillion. The Husbys are determined to solve that problem.

"We hope that our non-alcoholic and non-smoking establishment is a small part of the solution to providing entertainment for people who prefer not to smoke or drink," Russ Husby said.

Cosmoz also features video and arcade games, chess and board games. There are plans to add ping-pong tables, and a snack bar.

The Husby brothers hope to offer good times for kids during the day, and for adults at night.

"We offer more fun than just the bars," Russ Husby said.

APA pool leagues will also begin this fall.

"There are lots of kids out there who are not in school sports or activities, and that's why we have pool tables, so kids can learn and practice how to play pool," Russ Husby said.

According to Time magazine,

pool has become one of the fastest growing non-athletic sports today.

For the younger generation, an entertainment center that includes playing games for prizes will be built as well.

"Parents can set up birthday parties here for their children, rather than taking them to Sioux Falls or Sioux City," Russ Husby said.

The brothers look forward to expanding their business in the future.

"We want to buy lots behind the business and put in batting cages, an indoor golf course, and laser tag there," Russ Husby said.

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