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Tuesday, July 29

8:30 a.m. � Senior Mens' Fun League registration with coffee and donuts.

9:30 a.m. � Shotgun start.

11:30 a.m. � Lunch and prizes (time approximate).

Noon � Open golf (make your own tee times).

Wednesday, July 30

8 a.m. � Ladies morning golf, luncheon and cards activities begin.

9 a.m. � Tee off.

Noon � Lunch.

1 p.m. � Cards.

5 p.m. � Wednesday Evening Ladies League.

5:45 p.m. � Shotgun start.

Thursday, July 31

8 and 9 a.m. � Junior golf (times will be assigned).

2:30 p.m. � Registration for regular men's league (be prompt).

3 p.m.� First session shotgun tee-off.

6 p.m. � Second session shotgun tee-off.

Friday, Aug. 1

9 a.m. � Junior golf (times have been assigned).

5 p.m. � Weekly social and golf (come out and join in the fun and food).

Heat doesn't affect

good play at The Bluffs

Another clear, beautiful sky, but it was a typical summer day � heat and humidity were horrid.

Regardless of the heat, 22 players played Bingo, Bango, Bongo and no rough stuff. One point was given for first on green, closest to cup, first in hole and one point for not going in the rough on the way to the green.

Those with the most points were Ardith Baer, Carol Clodfelter, 15, Thelma Raines 14, and Rula Hatch 13. There were five at 12 � Glennis Stewart, Lynn Hatle, Edith Nelson, Ardyce Meisenholder and Helen Brown.

Cherry Street Grille served 37 ladies a baked potato bar, with veggies, sauces and potatoes. The Hood Sisters � Glennis Stewart and Roberta Benson � served a luscious bunch of bars. There were so many kinds one couldn't taste them all.

We had two guests, Anita White and Beth Amundson.

The $5 membership drawing went to Doris Mitchell and Carol Clodfelter.

There were four tables of bridge. Each one was to put on the back of her score what her score would be. Connie Erickson was closest, next to Jan Uhl, Ellie Davis and Robin Eisenmenger. A prize was given for the first one to have four aces. That was Sarah Brown. Another prize was given for the player who took a trick with the Jack of trump. That went to Robin Eisenmenger. High went to Ellie Davis and low went to Doris Mitchell.

There were 12 domino players. Mary Lea Hennies and Jan Chapman were low. Mary Lee also was caught with 50 points and two double blanks.

It was a great day and we do have a zeal for laughter in most situations � give or take a bad golf shot, bridge hand or in dominoes.

Come join us. We'd be glad to see you.

Men's League

On July 17, with warm breezes and temps in the 90s the eighth week of league play was contested on the back nine at The Bluffs.

It has become an unusual situation as scores seem to soar on the back nine. For instance, the entrants in the gross/net scoring pool couldn't break 40 as three tied with scratch 40s, Chad Lavin, Nick Hovden, and Tim (Coach) Christopherson. Jim Brady recorded a net 31! Flag prizes went to Bob Hansen � closest to pin on #17; and Justin McVay � longest putt on # 18.

Results for the week in the American division had best scores for Bogey+ (18.5) and Still Smokin' (17).

It begins to appear that summer vacations and early fall responsibilities have created havoc in the standings. The weather probably is partly to blame since scoring has dropped off too. However, a couple low individual gross scores went to Kevin Brown � 36 (net 32) and Greg Baedke � 36 (net 3); Dennis Chandler � 38 (net 35); and Joe Bjorkman � 39 (net 35) were the only players under 40. There were only nine birdies (three by K. Brown) and an eagle by Nick Hovden on #15, reported for the day.

The National division had two teams tying for second high with scores of 17 � Bluffs Boys and S&H Construction. Sand Trappers had best score � 18.5.

Only one player had a scratch score less than 40 � Kim Gilkyson with 37 (net 28!); Lavin and Christopherson both had a 40 (net 36); Tim Shea � 41 (net 35); Don Scheidel and McVay each had 41s.

Thirteen birdies were reported, two each for Scott Isaac and "Coach."

League standings for week eight are:

American League

Still Smokin' 128

Alkota 116

Recuerdos/Silver Dollar 114

Chalky's 106.5

Coldwell Banker 102

Bogey+ 90.5

The Pickups 89.5

Divots 89

PIK 84.5

Serious Six 82.5

Eagles 74.5

Free Swingers 74

Drew's Crew 69.5

Multiple Putts 68.5

National League

Bluff Boys 109

First National 104

Ace Hardware 103

LBA 98.5

Char Bar 94.5

West Side Inn 93.5

Pros 93

Bogey's 4-Ever 91.5

S&H Construction 88.5

Community First Insurance 87.5

Misfits 84

Sandtrappers 83.5

Miller Lite 81

Back 9 Grille 76.5

Senior men have

cool day for golf

Forty-three seniors liked the weather this date and had a nice cool day to score well at The Bluffs. The course was in fine shape and good scores were a result of greens that putted true.

Our winning team, at 35, had Mo Marcotte, Ken Beringer, and Duncan McGregor. Following at 36 we found Ross Johnson, Jim Reed, Ron Turner, and Joe Zuppo. The group at 37 included Shorty Hanson, Jim Grabowski and Howard Connors, then Mel Marcotte, Cleland Cook, Jack Stewart and Quentin Oleson along with Irl Oaks, Ron Oaks, and Dan Christopherson and finally Sid Davis, Loren Carlson and Ted Van Bruggen. Our final group at 38 was a group of four-man teams headed by David Bak, Ron Brown, Ardell Hatch and Jim Prosser and the team of Van Pierce, Bill Rasmussen, Ray Lynn and Don Bensen.

The course yielded 16 birdies to the five play of our seniors this date. Keep up the good work each week. We meet for coffee, rolls, and conversation at 8:30 a.m. each Tuesday and golf gets under way at 9:30 sharp. If you will arrive close to tee off time, please call The Bluffs and leave a message. you can help the match makers with this effort on your part. Thank you!

W.E.L.L. golfers

scorch course

Another great golf outing was had by the Wednesday Evening Ladies League, July 16. Along with the heat of July the scores were also blistering. There was a tie for the low gross score between Deb Heyl and Nora Remily who both shot a 42. Scorching the course was Tammy Baisden who had the low net score of 29. Several birdies were also had. Robin Hansen has a birdie on #17 as did Ann Stewart. Darlis Labahn had a birdie on #12 and Nace Huska, playing the front, birdied #8,.

A number of ladies also won pin prizes for their play during the evening. Joanne Ustad tempted fate and was rewarded with a pin prize for getting the closest to the sand without going in. (Your reporter wasn't there and it was not reported which hole this occurred at). Sheila Prosser scored a prize for getting closest to the pin with a chip shot on #16. Ann Stewart was rewarded for having the fewest putts. Nancy Scheidel walked away with the Quackson quarters.

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