USD students return from European trip

USD students return from European trip Strong bridges between Vermillion, and sister city, Ratingen, Germany, have been bolstered with a highly successful visit by 11 students of The University of South Dakota School of Business to Ratingen and several other exciting European cities earlier this summer.

The students, who were guided by Professor Emeritus of Economics Benno Wymar, study tour director since 1970, also visited Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels (the hub of European integration, business and economics).

The students met with representatives of the International Chamber of Commerce, NATO, European Commission, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Embassies, and European and American corporate representatives who provided them with insight into their operations.

They were given presentations on Euro-American relations. One student called the NATO visit particularly refreshing after disapprovals on the Iraqi war.

"That was one place where cooperation was very high," said the student.

On the cultural front, each student was assigned a host family in Ratingen to savor the authentic taste of European culture first-hand.

"It was awesome. I experienced the real culture and lifestyle of Ratingen from my host family," said Lacey Weber from Salem.

First time traveler Lisa Wormsbecker from Tripp said the trip helped her to appreciate how much of life's necessities are readily available in the U.S. compared to other countries.

"When it came to issues of transportation, food and other basics, I realized what choice exists here."

The students' trip coincided with a public transport organization strike in Paris, which had them walking several miles to some appointments. Wormsbecker said it was very exciting to see famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower.

"On the whole the International Business terminology will make more sense to me now," said Wormsbecker.

Students of the School of Business traditionally visit Ratingen and other European cities yearly where they experience the lifestyle and work cultures of Europe.

One participant observed this year, "The hiring and firing situation is not as bad in Europe. In Europe, chances that one will be fired are rather slim."

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