Accreditation status continues for USD School of Medicine

Accreditation status continues for USD School of Medicine The University of South Dakota has announced that the School of Medicine received continued accreditation from The Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).

An effective leader, diversity in learning opportunities, a commitment to student learning and mature, dedicated students are a few of the reasons the USD School of Medicine is continuing to be an accredited institution. Dr. Robert Talley, dean of the School of Medicine, was praised in the report for his effective leadership.

"This is a real validation of the School of Medicine and its programs," Talley said. "This is absolutely critical; without certification our students wouldn't be allowed to practice anywhere in the country."

The LCME also noted that the creation of an Office of Medical Student Education and appointment of dean for Medical Student Education, Janet Lindemann, have revitalized the institution's commitment to medical student education.

"That they listed both the office and Janet Lindemann as strengths shows the importance of this position to School of Medicine," Dr. Talley said.

Another point in the school's favor is the three-campus model of a decentralized clinical education. The LCME believes the educational program benefits substantially from the diversity of learning opportunities this model affords.

Members of the accreditation committee also recognized the clinical faculty members who exhibit a remarkable commitment to student learning and welfare. The committee noted the students also greatly appreciate the faculty members' efforts and benefit from the close interactions with attending physicians.

The students were noted to be a major asset characterized by their maturity, commitment to their education and a strong sense of community. "South Dakota schools and parents can take credit for providing us with excellent students," Dr. Talley said.

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