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The Vermillion Garden Club hosted the District VI Annual Meeting in Vermillion at the Senior Center on Saturday Aug. 9. The theme was Through the Garden Gate. The Garden Clubs in attendance were: Centerville Garden Club, Wakonda Garden Club, Yankton Garden Club and the newly formed Hudson Club, the Prairie Gardeners.

The program included a welcome by the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce, an invocation by Father Joe Forcell, a message from State Garden Club President Beverly Knoll, a flower show competition, and main speaker, horticulturalist Joe Hoffman from Yankton.

He spoke on the development of the gardens and the horticulture program he developed at he correctional facility in Yankton. The Vermillion Club served a homemade bread and salad luncheon, with the tables decorated with flower arrangements and garden gate table favors made by club members.

Thirty-eight district garden club members were present, with Yankton winning the prize for the club with the most members present.

Sons of Norway enjoy music program

SON, Lillehammer Lodge 1-633, met 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 19 at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Yankton.

The meeting was brought to order by President Carol Broderson.

The American and Norwegian national anthems were sung, we then pledged our allegiance to the United States flag.

Roll call was taken of officers by Secretary Helen Severson. We had 37 members and five guests. Donavon J. List is our newest member, spouse of Marlys List.

Minutes of our July meeting was read by our secretary and approved with one correction.

We received a lovely card from Maynard and Mary Alice Lintvedt from Canton, thanking us for our June program at Mission Hill.

We enjoyed a fun skit from two of our members that play Ole and Lena on our float, telling us of their float adventures.

Our most enjoyable and fun musical program was given by Helen Sorenson on the keyboard, Jerold on the banjo, both from Viborg, and Arine on the accordion from Irene. Our meeting closed with singing Happy Birthday for our August birthdays, Norwegian table prayer was said, then lunch was served.

Special events coming up, Sept. 25, Thursday evening we will be serving with Christ the King Lutheran Church at the Moose Lodge in Yankton for a banquet for our friends in need; Norsk Hostfest in Minot, ND, concert Oct. 7, Hosfest Oct. 8-11.

Our next meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 16 at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Yankton.

Bridge players try their luck

The Tuesday dominoes players at the Senior Center numbered eight and they had a fun afternoon, Aug. 19, with the winner Jane Merrigan with 176 and Lorraine Zeller with 308 points. Anyone interested in playing should arrive at the Senior Citizens Center with no reservations.

During the week of Aug. 20, the regular Wednesday group of 24 pitch, four pinochle and 19 bridge players spent the afternoon trying their luck with cards. Bridge prizes went to Lovella Mattson, first; Jim Prosser, second; Adeline Isaacson, third; Shirley Riehle, blind bogey; and Lois Erickson, low.

Leona Kryger and Marilyn Siecke served.

Patrick describes Vermillion programs

The Vermillion Rotary Club with Dan Van Peursen presiding met for our weekly lunch at the Silver Dollar. Out guest today were Ashley Herboldt, Gary Reeves, Ed Nesselhuf, and Dorothee Kiss. Dorothee is our Rotary Exchange Student (at Vermillion High School) for this year and she comes to us from Mannheim, Germany.

Jim Patrick presented our program today. Jim is Vermillion�s city manager and he has just completed his first year working for the city. So, he gave us a kind of �State of the City� presentation describing both some projects and accomplishments of the recent past as well as plans for the future. Starting with Chestnut Street, which was a little bit like taking over direction of the Cold War by, say, the Ford Administration. Actually there does now seem to be an end in sight to this �old chestnut,� so to speak, of Vermillion political controversy. On April 1, following the approaching harvest season and the winter freeze, serious construction is due to begin. Road compacting takes some time, though, and the final surfacing will not be completed until sometime in 2005.

Some new infrastructure work (sewer lines, etc.) is being carried out now on a parcel of city-owned land just west of where the new Holiday Inn Express is going up. This is part and parcel of a plan to pull some new businesses into town and there are apparently four or five businesses looking over the sites. Proposals for the building of a new City Hall are advancing. A downtown siting has pretty much been settled on and the two locations most seriously under consideration are the present locations of Fullerton Lumber or Community First State Bank.

Patrick related several other developments including a phasing in of four year terms for members of the city council, some jiggling and juggling of the second penny city tax, information on the Lewis and Clark Water Project anf how it relates to our own city water supply, etc. Check the rest of this newspaper. All in all Vermillion�s political business seems to be proceeding with more hits than misses.

Now if we could only secede from the union before policies decided at that level run us into the ground. (End of the summer political thinking should not be taken too seriously. It may be just a reaction to the heat, even for those not wearing flack jackets.)

Master Gardeners decide to end hotline

Sharon Allen called the meeting of the Clay County Master Gardeners to order at 10 a.m. on Aug. 16 at the home of Brenda Martens. Four members were in attendance: Sharon Allen, Ruth Williams, Brenda Martens and Roberta Iverson.

After the business meeting, members toured Brenda�s gardens.

Since few calls have been received at the Extension office, there was a move to discontinue the Master Gardener Hot Line.

Thank you to the members who were able to help with the hot line this past spring and summer. We will have to decide whether this service will be offered to the public in the future.

Brenda Martens reported on the Master Gardener�s Vermillion Beautiful plot. She stated that the application of Preen at the time of planting worked well to keep down the weeds.

The crab grass that did manage to germinate developed a very small root system, making it quite easy to pull. Brenda spent time weeding other plots that were neglected. Thanks Brenda for your hard work.

Ruth, Roberta, and Karin were able to keep the Master Gardener booth open throughout the fair. The Master Gardener booth looked quite nice, thanks to the tent and screen that Karin set-up. The seeds that were left will be saved for next year and given out during the spring plant sale. Thanks Karin for arranging everything and for you help. Thanks also to Ruth and Roberta.

With all the time conflicts in September, the meeting originally scheduled for Sept. 6 is canceled.

We will have a meeting Oct. 4 at 10 a.m. at Roberta Iverson�s. After the meeting and tour of Roberta�s garden we will drive to Karen Kaeberle�s for a tour of her garden and farm.

The November meeting date has not been set. It will be a potluck supper at the 4-H exhibition hall, and will be the last meeting of the year.

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