Dean Lockwood wins prestigious state award

Dean Lockwood wins prestigious state award A professor at The University of South Dakota was awarded the highest honor of the South Dakota Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Dr. Dean Lockwood, chair of the department of communication disorders at USD, recently won the prestigious "Honors of the Association."

The "Honors of the Association" award is presented to individuals who have distinguished themselves by making significant contributions in the field of speech pathology and/or audiology in South Dakota and the nation. It is not an annual award, but rather is only given periodically to truly deserving individuals.

For his 30-year career and dedicated service to speech language pathology/audiology, Lockwood was duly recognized.

The award highlighted many of Lockwood's accomplishments including the establishment of funding for and management of the State Program for Cranofacial Anomalies and Cleft Lip-Palate services for 20 years.

He also developed a philanthropic relationship with the Scottish Rite Foundation of South Dakota which resulted in the establishment of two Scottish Rite Clinics in Vermillion and Sioux Falls, and the Scottish Rite Communication Disorders Graduate Fellowship Program. Lockwood was also recognized for guiding USD's communication disorders department through four successful American Speech- Language-Hearing Association accreditation reviews.

"It was very unexpected," said Lockwood, who is past president of the S.D. Speech-Language-Hearing Association, "and I consider it a very real honor. Sometimes all of us wonder if anyone notices. This award is very clear evidence that people do notice and appreciate those who work hard and accomplish much. I was surprised and touched."

Lockwood said he has appreciated his many years at USD. "I consider it a real privilege to be here at The University of South Dakota and to work with so many gifted students and outstandingly competent faculty members."

The nomination said, "Whether he is wearing the hat of professional, educator, administrator, or mentor, Lockwood's first concern has always been advocating for the clients served and the students educated."

Lockwood began his career in South Dakota in 1970 when he joined USD. He has served as chair of communication disorders since 1980, educating and mentoring countless students. Lockwood received a Ph.D. in speech-language pathology from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and a MA from Stanford in the same. He resides in Vermillion, with his wife Sandy.

He has two sons; Scott, who is a physician in Sioux Falls, and Todd, who is an attorney in Arizona; both of whom attended USD for their undergraduate and professional degrees.

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