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FSA Notes by Keith Zanter Clay County Committee Election

The Clay County FSA office is accepting nominations for one position to the Clay County Committee for 2004. Where County FSA Committee elections are concerned, Clay County is broken down into three local administrative areas (LAA's). Since those three area representatives are elected to staggered three-year terms, it is LAA #2's turn to hold an election. LAA #2 consists of Riverside, Glenwood, Pleasant Valley and Garfield townships.

Eligible voters in LAA #2 have the right to nominate a producer of their choice to be on the County FSA Committee election ballot. Anyone who wishes to nominate a producer from LAA #2 should contact this office and we will provide you with a nominating petition. In order for a nominee's name to appear on the election ballot the nominating petition must be completed and returned to the FSA office no later than Sept. 5.

FSA strongly encourages women and minorities to participate in all of its programs, including the County FSA Committee election process. All eligible voters in LAA #2 may nominate or be nominated to be on the election ballot. If anyone has any questions about the County FSA Committee election process, feel free to stop in at the FSA office or give us a call.

Managed Hay/Graze

of CRP

Managed haying or grazing of CRP is now authorized one out of every three years after the cover has been established. You can hay or graze any portion of CRP acreage; however, once you hay or graze an acreage it is not eligible for two years. This provision is site specific. Managed hay/graze provisions are applicable to existing CRP contracts as well as new contracts. Before haying or grazing CRP acres under this provision, CRP participants:

* Must request approval to hay/graze eligible acres.

* Must obtain a modified Conservation Plan to include the haying or grazing requirements.

* Cannot hay and graze the same acres.

* Shall not hay and graze acres released under emergency provisions in the previous two years.

* Cannot hay or graze during the primary nesting period (May 1 through Aug. 1).

* Shall be assessed a payment reduction based on the number of acres used times the CRP annual rental rate times 25 percent.

* Will be limited to one cutting of hay per season.

* May sell the hay or rent the haying/grazing rights.

Other provisions apply to this transaction. If interested, please contact the office for further details.

Sign-Up for the Crop

Disaster Program

Sign-up for the Crop Disaster Program (CDP) is continuing, with no ending date set. The CDP reimburses producers for qualifying losses to agricultural commodities due to damaging weather or related conditions for either the 2001 or 2002 crop year. The damages must be in excess of 35 percent for either the 2001 or 2002 crop for loss of production or 20 percent for quality losses. This includes low yield and/or prevented planting acres.

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