Herbs known for their medicinal qualities

Herbs known for their medicinal qualities Basil � This herb is used to treat stomach cramps, fever, colds, the flu and headaches.

Catnip � More than felines enjoy this plant. It's a remedy for colds, the flu, fever, upset stomach and insomina.

Comfrey � A poultice of comfrey heals wounds, burns, sores and bruises.

Echinacea � This herb is touted as a natural antibiotic and immune system stimulator.

Motherwort � Helps quiet the nervous system.

Mullein � This plant is known as a painkiller that strengthens the lymphatic system.

Tarragon � This natural remedy helps stimulate the appetite and aids in digestion.

Violets � They're aren't just beautiful. Violets are effective in healing ulcers, abscesses and swollen glands.

Yarrow � This herb acts as a blood purifier and aids the liver.

Source: The Herbal Encyclopedia

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