Letters Milne's vision will be a legacy

To the editor:

My thanks and appreciation for publishing the Sioux Falls Argus Leader story, "Program, founder celebrates milestones" by Jennifer Sanderson on your Aug. 1 Web page.

Ms. Sanderson's comprehensive story provides a solid summation of Dr. Bruce Milne, who helped to inspire the creativity in my children and became an extremely positive influence in their lives and mine in the decade we knew him.

Bruce and I developed a friendship along with a good working relationship when I worked in the Office of University Relations at USD from 1991-98. One of my assignments was writing news releases and feature stories of Bruce's Governor's Camp and Ambassadors Camp.

I enjoyed his gruff exterior and soft heart, his off-the-cuff philosophy, his marvelous sense of humor and most of all, his love and belief in the abilities of children. His camps fostered appreciation of the creative nature of the participants and instilled appreciation for the diversity that not only enhances, but completes any successful society.

For 20 years, Bruce tapped those abilities, spurring children to venture to the edge of their creative horizons and often beyond. His success stories � summarized by countless photos � were proudly displayed on the bulletin boards around his office.

Bruce Milne introduced South Dakota's greatest resource � its people � to the nation and world via Ambassadors tours, which included stops in the United Kingdom, central Europe and the Far East.

He did all this despite debilitating injuries and illnesses that plagued him most of his life. He maintained his camps despite funding cuts by bean counters with far less vision than he possessed, and through

the belief that creativity will always transcend the so-called wisdom of elected officials.

Rest in peace, Bruce, with the assurance that your vision will be a legacy; and the children that you inspired will use their many and varied talents for the benefit of the state, nation and world.

Steve Lang

Alpine, TX

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