Local youth named good citizens

Local youth named good citizens Annually the American Legion, Vermillion Wallace Post No. 1, presents Good Citizenship awards to students in Vermillion's elementary schools, grades one through eight.

These awards are based on the qualities of courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship, and service in students. The teachers in each of the eight grades determine the outstanding boy and girl in those grades. The award for those chosen is a $15 check and an American Legion certificate of merit.

The winners for school year 2002-2003 were:

* Grades one and two at Austin School: Jeremy Provost, Valerie Moos, Julie Goeden and Cole Johnson.

* Grades three, four, and five at Jolley School: Samantha Austin, Lincoln Busek, Carlee Sorensen, Bryce Pazdernik, Amanda Jacobson and Tyler Gutzman.

* Grades six, seven, and eight at the Middle School: Jacey Wipf, Tony Thomas, Alex Smith, Sarah Hansen, Hannah Pommersheim and Nahuel Telleria.

We congratulate these students for their achievement and effort. We extend our thanks to the teachers and secretaries for their help in making this program a success. Last, but not least, we also thank the principals who coordinate the whole program.

We look forward to honoring 16 more students in school year 2003-2004.

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