Risk pool takes effect Aug. 1

Risk pool takes effect Aug. 1 On July 21, the newly appointed member of the South Dakota Risk Pool Governing Board and Advisory Panel held a meeting to develop the administrative rules of the risk pool, which goes into effect on Aug. 1.

"I want to thank the advisory team for the work that they have put in to making this program available," said Gov. Rounds on the work of the panel. "And I again want to thank the Legislature for enacting the legislation so that South Dakotans will have more options when it comes time to purchase an individual health insurance policy. Without the risk pool, we were in jeopardy of losing the majority of the companies who issue individual health insurance policies in South Dakota."

The governing board, the official board to administer the risk pool, includes: Deb Bowman, senior policy advisor for Gov. Rounds; Larry Kucker, bureau of personnel; Damian Prunty, Department of Social Services; Janet Griffin, Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield; Jerry Hofer, Department of Health; Randy Moses, Department of Revenue & Regulation; and Dave Hewett, S.D. Association of Health Care Organizations.

The advisory panel, the board offering advice and suggestions to the governing board, includes: Dr. Thomas Dean, Wessington Springs; Cheryl Stone, Bankwest; Dr. Mary Carpenter, Winner; Dr. Tom Krafka, Rapid City; Paul Jensen, Dakotacare; Bill Dooley, American Family Insurance; Ken Hericks, city of Pierre; Lonnie McKittrick, Fischer, Rounds & Associations; Bob Clark, Clark Insurance; David Owen, Chamber of Commerce; David Link, Sioux Valley; David Erickson, Avera Health; Rick Stracqualursi, Rapid City Regional Hospital; Sen. Duane Sutton, Aberdeen; and Rep. Kent Juhnke, Vivian.

After July 28, South Dakotans can get information and an application from their insurance agents or visit www.state.sd.us to learn more about the application and eligibility requirements. Persons interested in applying can submit applications either electronically or by mail.

In order to apply for the risk pool, individuals must submit an application form, copies of certificates of coverage that show the most recent 12 months of creditable coverage and copies of letters from their insurance companies advising why their coverage was terminated.

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