Rounds awards energy grant to Vermillion School District

Rounds awards energy grant to Vermillion School District Gov. Mike Rounds awarded a $12,288 energy conservation grant to the Vermillion School District for the installation of a new control panel system that can monitor building occupancy and temperature.

"Energy costs take a substantial chunk out of a school district's annual operating budget," Rounds said. "I commend the Vermillion School District for taking measures to cut those costs."

The new system will control the building's boiler to operate at more energy efficient levels. The control panels will be installed in Austin Elementary and Vermillion High School.

Rounds explained that energy conservation grants provide great long-term advantages for school districts. "Making schools more energy efficient allows them to focus resources on things that increase the quality of education that they provide," he said.

The governor noted that the new system will cost $24,576 and yield a $1,976 annual savings. "These projects quickly pay for themselves," Rounds said.

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