South Dakotans sign up to stop telemarketing calls

South Dakotans sign up to stop telemarketing calls Almost 100,000 South Dakota home telephone and personal cell phone numbers have been signed up for the South Dakota and National Do-Not-Call Register since registration began on June 27.

"Five thousand South Dakota phone numbers were added to the list just last week. As of midnight on Aug. 10, 98,000 South Dakota phone numbers had been registered. We distributed almost 20,000 information cards during the State Fair and Sioux Empire Fair. There is no doubt that we will reach the 100,000 mark this week," says PUC Chairman Bob Sahr.

"Many people have said they intend to sign up but haven't yet," said PUC Vice Chairman Gary Hanson. "Time is running out to be on the first wave of the do not call list. People need to register before Aug. 31 or wait for another four months before telemarketing calls will stop."

"After the initial sign up ends on Aug. 31, telemarketers will have access to the list on Sept. 1, and have until Oct. 1 to delete these numbers from their call lists," added Commissioner Jim Burg. "Based on experience in other states that have enacted this legislation, telemarketing calls received by individuals are reduced by 80 percent.

Sign-up is free. Consumers have two ways of registering their home telephone and personal cell phone numbers. They can call a toll free number, 1-888-382-1222, from the home or personal cell phones they are registering. You can also register via the Internet at Through the Internet site, consumers can register their home phone and personal cell phone numbers. To date, 70 percent of South Dakota consumers have chosen to register via the Internet.

Because the PUC and the Federal Trade Commission have teamed together of the Do Not Call List, South Dakota consumers can register just once to be covered by both the national and statewide Do Not Call lists.

Details about the program, including answers to frequently asked questions are available at a PUC Web site: If you have difficulties registering, please contact the PUC at 1-800-332-1782.

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