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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Gals are good guessers

Eighteen women enjoyed a pleasant morning Aug. 6 playing golf. Each golfer estimated what her score would be before leaving the clubhouse. Karine Amundson guessed her exact score. Eileen Turner played one stroke better than she had predicted while Dorothy Dahlman, Ardith Baer and Joan Holter shaved off two strokes from their guesses. Ardyce Meisenholder underestimated her score by two strokes. Good guessing gals!

Thirty-eight members enjoyed taco salads prepared by John and Tammy from Cherry Street Grille. Anna Patrick, Margaret Cash and Dorothy Reed furnished wonderful peanut buster parfait dessert. It's tough to be on a diet Wednesday noons at the golf course!

After lunch the group sang happy birthday to Meryl Reed and Ardyce Meisenholder. We also acknowledged the 64th wedding anniversary of Reidella and Sid Engman. Pat Olson shared the good news that she had a granddaughter born last Wednesday to Jeff and Amber in Omaha. Congratulations to all!

The $5 membership drawings were won by Jan Uhl and JoEllen Tipton.

Twelve ladies stayed to play dominoes at two tables. Low went to Fritz Lefler and Karine Amundson. Jan Chapman and Babe Hurowitz each won four rounds. Jayne Merrigan and Mary Bartels were caught with the double blank.

Sixteen ladies played bridge at four tables. Trudie Klopper took home the travel prize for taking a trick with the 6 of trump. Prizes were awarded to June Wagner, Dorothy Reed, and Pat Olson for having the three highest scores, to Deanie Christopherson for mid point score and to Anna Patrick for low. Arlene DeVany received a prize for having the score card with a special mark on it.

You are welcome to check our schedule and come out to enjoy any or all of it.

Ladies post blazing scores

Wednesday, Aug. 6, was a night of first birdies and blazing scores on a perfect evening for golf for the Wednesday Evening Ladies League. Kathy Merrigan-Manning brought in a score of 39, but it wasn't enough to be the low gross. Jenny Chandler brought in a score of 38, but even that was not low enough.

The low gross went to Sheri Ellis with a score of 37. Great outing! For low net score a number of ladies shot a net of 30. However, Julia Chaney took it away with a 27 (45-18). Helping all these scores along were a number of birdies. Shooting their first birdies in league (and finally removing their pigs from the tree) were Tammy Baisden, with a birdie on #8, and Nancy Christopherson, with a birdie on #2.

In fact, Nancy holed out on #2 for her bird. Other birdies were had by Mary Kay Zimmerman on #3, Kathy Merrigan-Manning on #8 and Sheri Ellis on #6. In addition to all the birdies, Deb Heyl got an eagle on #6.

There were also pin prizes awarded for play. The prize for the most putts on #1 went to Lisa Wood on a draw as she tied Julie Heine for that dubious honor with four putts. Susan Oberle came closest to the pin on #8 and Sheri Ellis came closest to the sand trap on #9 to win the other prizes. Inside the clubhouse Nichol Stevens drew her own name to win the Quackson. (That's twice now someone has drawn her own name to win.)

A reminder that elections for next year's officers of W.E.L.L. will be held the last night of league � Aug. 27. Be there or risk being elected!

Calendar of events

Monday Aug. 18

Vermillion Chamber of Commerce "Chamber Day."

Tuesday, Aug. 19

8:30 a.m. � Senior Mens' Fun League registration with coffee and donuts.

9:30 a.m. � Shotgun start.

11:30 a.m. � Lunch and prizes (time approximate).

Noon � Open golf (make your own tee times).

Wednesday, Aug. 20

8 a.m. � Ladies morning golf, luncheon and cards activities begin.

8:30 a.m. � Tee off.

11:45 a.m. � Lunch.

12:30 p.m. � Cards, dominoes

5 p.m. � Wednesday Evening Ladies League.

5:45 p.m. � Shotgun start.

Thursday, Aug. 21

2:30 p.m. � Registration for regular men's league (be prompt).

3 p.m.� First session shotgun tee-off.

6 p.m. � Second session shotgun tee-off.

Friday, Aug. 22

5 p.m. � Weekly social and golf (come out and join in the fun and food).

Saturday, Aug. 23

2 p.m. � Women's 4 person Scramble Tournament; 36 teams, shotgun start.

7 p.m. � (approximate) Awards Supper.

Wednesday Evening Ladies League Standings � Aug. 6

1. Lopez Sisters 51 65 78.46%

2. A Slice of Heaven 48.5 65 74.62%

3. Augusta Gals 48 65 73.85%

4. Environmental Hazards 46.5 65 71.54%

5. Whatever 41.5 60 69.17%

6. First National Bank 37 60 61.67%

7. Lucky Shots 40 65 61.54%

8. Bertha�s Babes 35.5 60 59.17%

9. T.B.A. 35.5 60 59.17%

10. Chix With Stixs 31 60 51.67%

11. Tee�d Off 33 65 50.77%

12. Golf Bags 29 60 48.33%

13. Mollies Follies 29 60 48.33%

14. Pinnacle�s, The 27.5 60 45.83%

15. Wedgies 27 60 45.00%

16. Bluffers, The 26 60 43.33%

17. Rough Riders 22 65 33.85%

18. Jacks 17 60 28.33%

19. Sand Yappers 16 65 24.62%

20. Lucky Ladies 4.5 60 7.50%

21. Par-Tee Girls 4.5 60 7.50%

Carlson, Bak make shots of the day

A cool day greeted 42 seniors at The Bluffs on Aug. 12. Scores were higher this week after a run of very low scores recently. Two groups came in at even par 36.

Our winners were David Bak, Jim Reed, Louie Fostvedt and Joe Zuppo and next in line was Harlan Schott, Cleland Cook and Gene Iverson.

We had four teams follow at 39. Using the tie-breaker system they were, in order: first, Mel Marcotte, Bob Solomon, Duane Zimmer and Tom Walker; second, Don Baer, Howard Connors and Jack Stewart; third, Mo Marcotte, Dan Christopherson, Duncan McGregor and Jim Prosser; fourth, Elmer Mount, Max Andersen, Ron Turner and Milo Gilbertson.

Our final winning team of Van Pierce, Dick Munkvold, Quentin Oleson, and Fritz Bartels had a 40.

There were four birdies recorded on the day�s play. Our shot-of-the-day goes to Loren Carlson for his 50-foot birdie putt on #17 and David Bak for his 33-foot putt for birdie on #18. Congratulations, men.

We were favored with a visit from two favorite senior players who are not active this season. Don Mitchell and Lloyd Helseth seemed right at home with the seniors and it was good to see them both.

We hope to see you next Tuesday for more fun at The Bluffs. Golf promptly at 9:30 a.m. See you a little earlier like maybe 9 a.m. or so.

Birdies abundant

in men�s league play

The 11th week of regular men�s league play on Aug. 7 used the front nine tee boxes. at The Bluffs. The weather was hot and so was the golf as 18 players had scores less than 40 (a 33, four 35s, and three even par 36s).

There were a total of 44 birdies and an eagle during the two sessions including both divisions. Entrants in the gross/net pool had Nick Hovden and Justin McVay tied with gross 35, and Gregg Peters, net 28 as the winners.

Flag prizes were claimed by Jim McGruire, closest to pin on #8 and Ron Johnson, longest putt on #9.

Results for the week in the American division shows best scores for Coldwell Banker which picked up 18.5 legitimate points, 17.5 for Still Smokin�, and 16 points each for PIK and Serious Six.

Low individual scratch score of 33 belongs to Ryan Baedke with Kelly Higgins and Hovden recording 35s; Scott Hansen had a par 36; Drew Barnes golfed a 37 (net 30); recording 38s were Jeremy Cowman, Matt Ellis, and Mike Brewer; Bernie Stansbury had 39 (net 31). The lowest net still belonged to Barnes.

There were a whopping 27 birdies reported for the day and Baedke had four of those, along with Hansen and Hovden who each recorded three!

The National division pretty much kept the standings static as S&H Construction was high scorer with 16 points to move from eighth place to seventh, but Pros 15.5 points left them in sixth.

Harlan Schott carded a 35 (net 29); McVay was net 30 with his scratch 35. Par 36s were claimed by Chad Lavin and Gary Prosser while four others shared scratch scores under 40. Don Scheidel, Jeff Hammerstrom, Chad Peterson, and Dennis Bruce each had a 39.

Lowest net scores were: Peters � 28; and Schott � 29. Prosser was a 31 net. Seventeen birdies and an eagle were reported for the day. Schott eagled #5 and birdied #2 and #8; and McVay and Scheidel also each had two birds.

League standings for week 11 are:

American League

Still Smokin� 168

Recuerdos/Silver Dollar 159

Alkota 147.5

Coldwell Banker 142.5

Chalkys 141

The Pickups 132.5

Serious Six 126

Bogey+ 120

PIK 108.5

Divots 101.5

Drew�s Crew 105

Free Swingers 104.5

Multiple Putts 99

Eagles 97.5

National League

Bluffs Boys 149.5

First National 141

West Side Inn 140.5

Ace Hardware 138.5

LBA 135.5

Pros 132

S&H Construction 129.5

Community First Insurance 123.5

Char Bar 122

Bogey�s 4-Ever 118

Sandtrappers 117

Miller Lite 111

Misfits 108.5

Back 9 Grille 104.5

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